We need from you, in addition to your valuable money, your email address. This may seem a trivial thing to say, but money transfer systems often do not allow for this - there is either not enough room on the transfer document or there is no provision at all.

We don't take payments from credit and debit cards. Too hard to set up for a micro business.


The easiest way to pay is by PayPal because this not only sends the money but gives us the email to send you the product. However STILL send us the preparatory email. Our PayPal account is at


You can also pay by direct bank transfer. This is becoming much more popular with the advent of internet banking.

Our bank's name is HSBC Fishergate Preston UK

The Sort Code is 40-27-25

The Account Number is 94446267

If you pay in this way then you will soon see that you cannot add the sender's email. A workable plan is to just add some simple code in the identification box and tell us the code in your preparatory email. Also in most cases the name of the bank you are sending from will enable us to identify you.


You can pay using BitCoin. (This is the only crypto we accept.)

Again, if you pay in this way then you MUST send us a preparatory email (to because such transfers do not include the sender's email

We will then send you the address of a wallet to which you can send the funds.